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Investing in, coaching and advising early stage founders.


What does SouthWestern do?

At SouthWestern we invest in, coach and advise early stage founders. Our sweet-spot is the earliest stage: helping founders from pre-product up to around 50 people.

We know how hard it is to start, grow and exit a successful tech startup. We know partly because of books we have read and partly because of investments we have made, but mostly because we have done it ourselves. We have spotted problems, built solutions, taken a product to market, hired a team, raised money, found product-market fit and successfully exited. We know how you feel because we have walked in your shoes.



Personal counsel and business advice to startup founders. These are delivered through one-on-one sessions backed up with anytime adhoc support.


We advise boards across sectors including tech, film and property.


We invest at the pre-seed stage. We like to be the first cheque in the first round. Portfolio includes Neuro AI, Penfold and Boomf.


The South West of England has a disproportionate number of unicorns relative to the active number of investors on the ground. If you’re a VC that wants a scout in the South West, get in touch.

SWMBA School

SWMBA school is our one day fundraising accelerator programme. It’s aimed at technical founders of early stage startups. Applications are now open for our September class.


Coming soon.


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