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We help founders achieve outstanding outcomes.


What does SouthWestern do?

At SouthWestern we run programmes to help startup founders achieve their potential.



Pursuing the wrong startup idea, or the right startup idea in the wrong way can be very expensive for founders later down the road. We have a programme tailored to help you answer the questions:

1. Should I be working on this idea? and;

2. What are the steps to set off on the best trajectory?


We advise CEOs and sit on boards across sectors including tech, film and property. Clients include YLD, Inflammable Films and DeskBeers.

Pre Seed INvesting

We invest at the pre-seed stage. We only invest if we are the first cheque in the first round so if you have already raised equity money then it’s too late. Portfolio includes Neuro AI, Penfold and Boomf.


We have bought and sold companies with a value in excess of £150m both as an advisor and as founders. If you would like to exit your business or acquire another then we can help.

Funded startups

This programme is for funded startups that need help to achieve growth, another round of funding or any other milestone in a defined period of time.


We love to give back. Swmba school is our free fundraising class that runs every 3 months for early stage founders.


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