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Improving outcomes for founders in the South West


Why South Western? Why now?

At SouthWestern we believe the time is right for capital and support to move toward talent rather than expecting talent to move toward capital and support. We believe exceptional technology startups and related career opportunities should be better geographically distributed. When that happens, we will have more diverse high growth companies being led by more diverse people providing more opportunity for all.

Our mission is to guide tech startups in the South West of England and South Wales toward great and to create lasting economic benefit as a result.



We provide personal counsel and business advice to early stage startup founders. These are delivered through one-on-one sessions backed up with 24/7 support.


We run the accelerator programme.


We have unusual experience in having been both corporate finance professionals and having founded multiple tech startups. We have raised capital many times. We have founded, grown, bought and sold companies with a value in excess of £150m.


Coming soon .

Startup School

We run “micro-MBAs” to breakdown jargon, build confidence and provide founders with a simple business education.

World class network

We include some of the world’s best founders, both exited and current, in our network. We also count many VC funds, lawyers, engineers and growth specialists as our friends. We will bring this world class talent to help founders in the region.


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