SouthWestern vc


Backing the most ambitious startups in the South West.


Why South Western? Why now?

The South West has a strong track record of forming and building globally ambitious tech companies. At SouthWestern we believe that the eco-system is rich and this trend is set to rise and accelerate.

We believe the time is right for the region’s first micro-VC fund.

If you are an early stage startup founder or are otherwise interested in the startup eco-system in the South West, please get in touch.

Our investing style


We want to invest at the earliest stage.


Regional Focus

We are mostly found in the coffee shops of Bristol and Bath but our patch covers the whole of the South West and South Wales.


We make decisions quickly and will be respectful of your time.


Global network

Most of our operating and investing experience has been in London and the USA. We have a vast network that we will lever to help our investees.


We know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We are sincere and will try to be as helpful as we can.



We want to help generate and participate in co-investment opportunities with the existing investment community in the South West and beyond.


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